As indoor air quality specialists the team at Dutch's Home Inspection and Dutch's Mold Inspections & Mold Remediation Services prioritizes the cleanliness of the air you breathe inside your home.  Many factors can go into having severe negative impacts on your health because of the poor quality of indoor air (see Indoor Air Quality Inspections Page).

Our team is experienced and skilled in dealing with special conditions - including homes of hoarders as well as distressed properties.

Hoarding affects up to 5% of the US population and can pose major health risks including falls, accidents, inability for emergency personnel to access inhabitants, blocked exits and vents creating fire hazards and accumulation of clutter, garbage and animal feces causing mold infestations.

However, because of the hoarder's emotional attachment to belongings the forced clean-outs required to improve the health and safety conditions in the home are very often traumatic.  Not all contractors are qualified, or adept at, managing a clean-up project for home owners suffering from hoarding.  Our team understands the anxiety caused so we use guidelines to manage the hoarder's expectations while applying gentle but firm pressure to restore the living quarters to an environmentally safe living condition.

Contact us using the form on this page if you have questions regarding our services for hoarders and distressed properties or call us at 440-748-4660.