Although air-tight homes are typically more energy efficient, they tend to have very poor quality of indoor air from lack of introduction of outdoor air and from trapping polluted air in the home.  Surprising to many home owners is the fact that although the outdoor air we breathe has pollutants, our indoor air is typically 5 times more polluted.  What’s polluting your indoor air?  Everything from household cleaners, paints, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) found in furniture and carpets, candles, beauty products, air fresheners and of course mold and other allergens.

Attic Ventilation Services

Creating circulation is critical to improving the indoor air quality in your home as well as ensuring the pollutants and allergens that infest your air are carried outdoors rather than captured in the attic.  Because each home is unique, the air flow, vents, fans, insulation and other factors will differ.  Our team takes a custom approach to understanding your needs and thoroughly assessing your home in order to come up with a proper attic ventilation solution for your unique situation.


Richard Keirnan of Solon, Ohio 
Description Of Work: “The two day project included emptying our attic of all stored items and placing them in the garage, performing  mold remediation, doing a final paint of all surfaces with special fungus resistant paint, installing nine inches of new insulation and replacing our soffit on the front of our house.”

Member Comments: “The project went as planned on time and on budget Our project was composed of four stages:

1.  Remove stored items from attic and place in garage for our sort.

2.  Perform mold remediation that include a final complete paint spraying of all surfaces with light tan paint.

3. Add nine inches of fiber glass insulation to entire attic area and add an insulated cover to the attic access door.

4. Remove soffit on front of house, unclog baffles to allow improved attic ventilation and help eliminate ice damming and replace with a new high ventilation soffit.

Rick arrived with two helpers.  They placed carpet protection down and ran special air filters to limit air born dust and mold. The job took two days and they cleaned everything up and the end of day one and then did a final cleanup and vacuum at the end of the project.   Everyone was professional, polite and worked hard.   We would hire them again. ”