Commercial Mold Removal Services

If your commercial building is in need of a mold inspection, mold remediation or mold sanitizing, Dutch's Mold Inspections and Mold Removal Services has the expertise and experience to get the job done. Over the years we have dealt with countless mold removal projects in commercial buildings - from factories and apartment complexes to new construction on assisted living facilities and churches.

The gallery includes pictures of a manufacturer in N. Royalton who needed a mold remediation service, a housing facility in Columbus that wanted a thorough sanitizing process and an apartment complex in the greater Cleveland area with mold on the floor boards that needed to be eliminated before construction continued.

Commercial Mold Removal and Remediation

As mold inspection and mold remediation experts in Ohio, our mold removal jobs frequently include commercial facilities, housing, apartment complexes and other commercial properties. Unlike a mold remediation job in an existing home, which includes professional removal of any material contaminated with mold (carpet, drywall, ceiling tiles, etc.) and then correction of the moisture issue and/or proper ventilation, our commercial jobs typically involve mold sanitization rather than mold remediation.

Commercial Mold Sanitization. Mold Cleaning.

At Dutch's Mold Inspections and Remediation Services we typically don't use the phrase "mold cleaning" because it reinforces a myth that mold is something that can easily be cleaned rather than killed.  However mold sanitization is frequently referred to as mold cleaning and there are many instances when professional sanitization of mold can keep a building safe from its harmful effects without the expense and demolition of mold remediation.

Mold Sanitization or Mold Remediation

We typically use a mold inspection to determine how best to address the mold problem in a commercial building. Based on the area of visible mold, the type of mold and the moisture content of the surface that is contaminated with mold we can determine if mold sanitization will suffice.

Sanitization is commonly referred to as mold cleaning because the sanitizing process involves professional application of biocide, or antimicrobial chemical, to kill the mold and prevent its spread followed by a sealer to make the area more resistant to moisture and future mold growth and then a cleaning of the air using HEPA air scrubbers.

If you think your commercial building has mold, and aren't sure if you need to remove the mold through a mold remediation process or can eliminate the risk with a mold sanitization, call Dutch's Mold Inspections and Mold Remediation Services for a free quote.