CBS News reported last week that Muhammad Ali has filed a lawsuit against the couple who sold him their $2 million home  in Kentucky  several years ago.  The suit claims the Ali’s were not properly informed of a host of mold problems in the home.

Not disclosing the existence of mold, and leaks that can cause mold and lead to potential structural damage, is a violation in most states.

“Molds produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins).  Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.  Allergic responses include hay fever-type symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash. Allergic reactions to mold are common.  They can be immediate or delayed.  Molds can also cause asthma attacks in people with asthma who are allergic to mold. In addition, mold exposure can irritate the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs of both mold-allergic and non-allergic people. “ According to the EPA.

If you think mold, in your home or place of work, may be affecting your health, if you’re selling your home and don’t want to be sued for improper disclosure, or if you’re buying a home and want a home inspection from someone qualified to detect mold, contact Dutch’s Home and Mold Inspections.

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