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Michael from Shaker Heights, Ohio wrote:Cleveland Mold Inspection Reviews

Very well. Arrived at 7:30am as promised. Took 2 days as promised. Crew worked hard and had the basement cleared of all personal items in about 5 hours. Then began deconstruction. Was guided through the basement several times by the supervisors. Day 2 was more deconstruction and then chemical remediation. Was again led through the process. Very pleased with the services offered. The made it clear that they did NOT deal with remodeling, all focused on remediation. So no pressure on what they removed, they were not generating more work for themselves.

Description of work:

Mold remediation of entire basement. Removal of no longer wanted personal items. Removal of mold supporting wallboard, etc.

Cleveland Mold Inspection & Mold Remediation Customer Reviews

It always surprises us when we get so many customers that are grateful that our crew showed up on time, performed the job in the time we said we would, worked the whole time we were there and didn't leave behind a mess!  We're surprised only because it seems like ALL contractors should be showing up on time, sticking to their quoted time and cost estimate, making efficient use of the time they're on site and leaving the home clean. The fact we get so many comments on these basic no-brainers indicates to us that the average home owner has dealt with some really sloppy and unprofessional contractors. 

We also appreciated that Michael from Shaker Heights was actually relieved that we don't do remodeling. When we first started reviewing with him the flooring, walls and other mold contaminated materials we would have to remove he was concerned we were simply creating more work we could charge him for in a second project. Not the case. Our only priority is to make sure the homeowner has no more exposure to mold, the mold has been removed, the materials with mold have been removed or remediated and that whatever caused the mold has been addressed in order to ensure the homeowner won't be dealing with the same issue again. In most cases this requires a change in airflow or ventilation.

Ironically some of our other customers are frustrated that we aren't bidding for the remodeling portion of their project. When they like dealing with our crew, respect our expertise and admire our work ethic they would rather keep working with us throughout the remaining phases of whatever it will take to re-finish their basement or re-build walls that had suffered from water damage. However, our time and energy is entirely focused on mold inspections, indoor air quality and mold removal or mold remediation. The attic ventilation and hoarder / distressed property clean-ups fall under the indoor air quality services because that's what we do - we make it safe for you to breathe the air in your home.


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