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Kimberly from North Olmsted, Ohio wrote:Cleveland Mold Inspection Reviews
Great. Rick gave great advice, removed an unnecessary separation wall to improve circulation, got rid of the stuff that had mold on it and educated me on when to be seriously concerned and when mold isn't the end of the world. I appreciated that he didn't use scare tactics like I've seen on some programs that blow the mold thing out of proportion - he was real and sincere and very reasonable.

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Had mold in the basement of a house I was buying. Worried if it should be a concern and what it would cost to remove.

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Kimberly had just bought a century home in North Olmsted. The house was built in the 1840s on a foundation made of stone and soft mortar. The previous owners had piled many coats of paint on the stone foundation to keep the soft mortar in place, These foundations were not designed to keep moisture out so when the moisture had settled on the inside of the painted walls it had started to collect signs of mold and began to bubble with air pockets. Of course this home owner was concerned because at first glance it appeared the basement had some bubbling, discolored disease with boils and tumors.  However, there was no smell, the nature stone floor was in great shape and perfect for drainage and after testing all the conspicuous spots Kimberly was relieved she didn't have a huge mold remediation and foundation issue on her hands. We removed a partition wall that had retained moisture over the years was a bad idea for ventilation and she had no use for.  We also educated her on when to be concerned about mold and when to treat it safely on her own. In this case the discolored paint on the foundation walls was an aesthetic issue more than a health hazard.

When you talk to Dutch's Mold Inspections & Mold Remediation Services you're likely to speak with Rick Nesselhauf, owner and operator. He is one of our certified mold inspectors and has the most experience and education (check out his certifications) so he will likely get as much information as possible on the phone in order to understand your situation as he schedules an appointment. Rick has a real passion about making sure your home is healthy and that dangerous mold and other allergens are identified, removed and managed with proper ventilation. 

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