Why does it seem like fears of black mold and its health effects have sky-rocketed over the past decade? Is it justified or just media hype? When is it safe to take care of mold yourself and when should you be calling in a mold inspector and mold removal expert?

This article has answers to those questions and more. Like, with more energy efficient homes being built, there can be less air flow in a home, lending itself to be at a higher risk for mold growth in damp, poorly ventilated areas. And how medical experts agree 1 in 3 persons are allergic to mold.

If you’re concerned there is mold in your home, or if you’ve had flooding in your home and are worried mold can start developing, call Dutch’s Home Inspections and Dutch’s Mold Inspections to get answers.


Black Mold – Is Toxic Mold at Home Making You Sick?