As the new school year gets underway nationwide, many states are reflecting on their indoor air quality policies across their school systems.   Some state health officials, like the ones in Indiana, have recently implemented tougher indoor air quality requirements for their classrooms.

This article discusses Indiana’s new indoor air quality rules, and what the state’s schools are doing right away, including:

— Reduce allergens in classrooms such as air fresheners, chemicals and live animals.

— Routine cleaning of heating and air conditioning equipment, carpeting and furniture within each school.

— Address all water leaks and mold problems identified inside the school within 48 hours.

To read the article in its intirety:

Is it likely for Ohio to embrace new indoor air quality guidelines in our schools? With older buildings and frequent flooding in our local Cleveland area schools, would tougher guidelines keep our children’s lungs safer or just cost the taxpayers more money and add layers of unnecessary red tape to building maintenance?

Indoor Air Quality in Our Schools